Boost your data analytics with these tools

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Boost your data analytics with these tools

As a manager of an organisation, whichever domain, do you analyse bulky data constantly? Do you feel the need to do it better with data getting larger each second?

If your answer to the questions above is yes, then you are at the right place. The need for analytics and data-driven strategies continues to grow across companies and professionals. As a result, the last several years have seen a rise in interest in data collection and analysis

In an effort to enhance their online business marketing models and strategies, organisations are continually experimenting more and more with data. It has led to the addition of many latest tools that assist in this process.

Thus, it has become essential to keep yourself well-informed about such data analytics tools and what they offer.

Understanding Data Analytics Tools

Every successful marketing endeavour starts with sourcing and analysing information effectively!

Software applications, known as data analytics tools, assist advertisers and businesses in monitoring and predicting the success of marketing campaigns and other sales strategies.

You must analyse raw data for corporate decision-making, maximise your online business performance, examine client patterns, and ultimately provide superior goods and services.

Moreover, you may make better use of their time and money, get better outcomes, and gain a clearer understanding of the effects of each online advertising operation by using the correct data analytics software.

A Look at the Best Data Analytics Tools

You will find many different tools to analyse your online marketing initiatives, and here are some of the best in the business, listed in no specific order:

1) Weavr :

Weavr Slate aims to assist businesses in making smarter decisions by providing one single platform to view all advertising, marketing, and website performance like a dashboard of any vehicle.

This data analytics software dashboard allows you to monitor your Instagram and Facebook ads, Google ads, Flipkart or Amazon performance, and much more. 

You can track the movement of each of the above marketing channels visually. In addition, it allows a comparison of two trends as they provide daily, weekly, monthly and yearly trends. The best part is that it collects all your data, analysis it for you and breaks it down effectively for you to gain insight.

Weavr Slate makes one of the top business analytics tools that can help you understand your business’s complex data in a simple way, therefore, allowing you to focus on its growth. Similarly, there is a solution for your e-commerce business. A tool that helps you find insights based on your share of voice and customer reviews. Weavr Sense is your one-stop solution for all sorts of deep dives if you have listed your products across various marketplaces.

2) Ahrefs:

Ahrefs allows you to find out where your major competitors’ traffic comes from, how many backlinks they have, where they appear in Google search results for particular keyword rankings, who precisely connect to their website, and much more.

It is among the most powerful SEO and SEM data analytics tools available.

It includes a sizable keyword database that allows you to check how many searches have clicked on them and how many are still unclicked.

Ahrefs offers tens of thousands of keyword suggestions together with all the analytics you want to make a knowledgeable decision.

They even have something called Ahrefs by the numbers, which can give you live numbers of many metrics and an idea of their data handling capabilities.

3) Tableau:

Tableau is undoubtedly one of the market’s best big data analytics tools and applications. It reduces complex information to a form that is simple to understand. Use it to analyse data and produce visualisations using spreadsheets and dashboards quickly.

This big data analytics tool’s settings are pretty adjustable, and it offers a tonne of features and operates at breakneck speed, allowing it to combine data in powerful ways. It is dynamic, compatible with mobile devices, and allows data sharing through shared dashboards.

4) Whatagraph:

Whatagraph is a data collection and analysis tool that allows you to produce useful, visually appealing reports from various data sources.

There are more than 100 report and dashboard templates, and many customisation options, such as white labelling, are available. In addition, team members may collaborate on reports in real-time using the cloud-based multi-user editing capabilities.

This data analytics software assists businesses in automating and creating marketing reports by using established templates from the different data sources of your marketing campaigns.

5) HubSpot:

For companies whose marketing teams want to consolidate all of their campaign efforts, HubSpot is the best option. You may immediately make personalised emails using this email marketing tool. In addition, thanks to this all-in-one business analytics tool, you can access a wealth of marketing data from one location.

Before upgrading, you may use the free plan to try the products to see whether they work for your company. You may learn which marketing tactics are most successful for your business and how they influence your revenue.

6) Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is one of the popular eCommerce analytics tools that you could have in your toolkit. It provides a terrific beginning point for any eCommerce site by giving out an extensive range of valuable insights.

With the help of this application, you can track and keep an eye on the traffic to your whole website and learn more about your visitors’ origins, activities, and exit times. 

In addition, you may generate a variety of reports with the help of this eCommerce analytics tool to learn more about the customers who use your business.

If you understand how to utilise it and take the time to learn more about it, you will only succeed in all your online marketing initiatives.

7) SEMRush:

SEMRush is a data collection and analysis tool that assists marketers in increasing their internet presence, discovering new marketing possibilities, and researching rival strategies.

The programme has several features that enable you to optimise your website quickly and provides competitive knowledge to help you fine-tune your SEO approach. Moreover, due to its tools for backlink analysis and guest blogging research, it is also helpful for link building.

This business analytics tool allows you to monitor your competitors’ branding, social media presence, and other online activity while helping you outrank them in search results.

With SEMRush, you can assess the performance of your competition and identify the most significant possibilities to lead the industry.

8) Matomo:

A great alternative to Google Analytics is Matomo, which is a totally free and open-source data collection and analysis application. This tool allows you to track and analyse each visitor’s movement through your website.

The benefit of using this technology is that you maintain control over your data and safeguard the privacy of your users. 

The software also comes in a premium edition, which is a self-hosted website analytics package created especially for organisations and governments requiring total data ownership and compliance with privacy laws.

You may obtain analytics data for one or more websites with this data analytics tool over a specified time and in a particular format, thanks to its highly customisable sophisticated APIs. 

Additionally, you may configure an automated reporting message to notify you each time a user leaves their shopping carts empty.


There is an intense race to become the top online business in this internet era as more and more firms get on board. Hope that this list aids you in locating the best data analytics tool for your requirements. Analyse the most suitable tools to save time and maximise the results of your digital marketing activities or campaigns.

If you want to get ahead of your competition, get in touch with team Weavr for the best tool for data analysis. Don’t forget to read our blog if you want to learn more about effectively building your data ecosystem.

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