How to handle e-commerce ad campaign performances across 3+ channels in 3 easy steps?

3 Steps to E-com ad Campaign Omnichannel Management
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How to handle e-commerce ad campaign performances across 3+ channels in 3 easy steps?

Are you having trouble handling and monitoring multiple ad campaigns across several channels?

Your e-commerce success primarily depends on your ability to collate, analyse and present the performances of your online advertising initiatives across multiple channels.

The collation process of data is easier said than done as the entire procedure is time-consuming and takes a huge effort in terms of manpower especially if you are on multiple platforms simultaneously. Being the owner or manager of your company, you must increase your team’s and your productivity.

Using appropriate tools available for businesses to assist in monitoring the performance of ad campaigns is your solution. These tools can provide all the information in one place so that you can manage your marketing efforts better and take well-informed decisions to grow your business.

3 Steps to Handle E-Com Ad Campaign Performances Across 3+ Channels

As an e-commerce head or leader, keeping track of how all digital advertising campaigns integrate the complete customer experience is essential to understand your return on ad spends or ROAS.

To attain e-commerce success as an online business running an ad campaign across multiple channels, you need to follow these important three steps:

1) Identify and Focus on Your Customer’s Initial Online Journey:

The very first step that many organisations tend to ignore is the start of the customer’s online journey in search of answers.

When a customer looks for a product or service, reads reviews, and compares pricing, it might be challenging for an e-com business to keep track of all its online actions.

However, these first phases at the top of the marketing funnel, usually disregarded, are some of the most critical moments. It helps in engaging with your customers in order to comprehend and affect purchasing decisions at an early stage so that you are the first to reach out to them.

If you want to be one of the leading e-commerce companies, you must make a note of this step.

Understanding the customer’s interaction with various digital platforms needs tracking for this knowledge-gathering process. Using Weavr Sense for such nuances would help you understand what your potential users see and how the ones buying rate and review your products. The product development process and the targeted campaigning journey can only be aligned after this awareness has been gained.

This step helps your business take a holistic approach to its online advertising initiatives.

After you carry out this step, you can proceed further with an enhanced e-commerce ad campaign for better results.

2) Discovering Your Online Ad Campaign Metrics & Channels:

For this step, you must ascertain what you want to achieve with the digital marketing initiative.

Marketing objectives should align with a company’s chosen strategy, the market environment and customer behaviour.

You also need to consider whether it is a new product or service that requires feedback and reviews for improvements. On the other hand, if it is an existing item in the market, then your e-commerce digital marketing strategy wouldn’t need to capture or analyse customer reviews.

Sales numbers and customer engagement are essential components or metrics that good online advertising initiatives need to measure. Along with the performance measuring metrics, you must discover the most appropriate online marketing channels to use to meet the marketing objectives.

Some of the key metrics most commonly measured by e-commerce analytic tools are:

  • Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) determine how much you spend on online advertising to get one new customer, and you can evaluate this metric for every marketing channel individually.
  • You can track how much new lead generation has happened per channel.
  • Keep track of how many visitors you have had to your website and marketing campaigns.
  • You can even know your e-com ad campaign CTR or click-through rate, which tells you how many clicks your advertisement has had.

These are some metrics among many, many more, but everything becomes useful once you apply the next step.

3) Align & Track Every Ad Campaign through a Single Dashboard:

However, all these are possible if you align the dashboard with the company objectives and marketing goals to give you what you want from this enhanced e-commerce tool.

Based on the metrics you decided on in the previous step, you can design and customise your digital marketing dashboard to track the progress.

You can add the performance of your website to the dashboard to track the functioning speeds, traffic movement, sales conversions and much more.

If you are looking to track every e-commerce digital marketing campaign through a single dashboard across all different channels, Weavr Slate can solve your problem. Follow these steps to get the dashboard:

Step 1: Schedule a demo introduction call on the official website of Weavr. 

Step 2: Discuss all your business requirements with the expert team from Weavr and set up the tools with their assistance. 

Step 3: Once it is all set up, empower your e-com business to do more with the Weavr Slate.


Every e-commerce business must launch a successful ad campaign across many online platforms. An even more crucial aspect of these advertisements is monitoring their performance through a centralised dashboard like Weavr Slate.

This dashboard will determine the difference between becoming an e-commerce success and a struggling business. Follow the above steps to ensure your business is at the top of the competition.

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