Weavr Sense vs Individual Platform Dashboards

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Weavr Sense vs Individual Platform Dashboards

Do you like scrambling for information, looking for it in all different places? On multiple platform dashboards?


Would you prefer to view all the information in one single place?

As a business organisation, your company will surely have many departments, and each one needs to view different data sets. This diverse information helps you measure each department’s varied performance criteria.

When it comes to selling digitally, you must capture, view and monitor the performance of each of your products across all possible platforms you listed. In addition, you would probably need to advertise digitally to support those sales. Most of these advertisements run across many social media platforms and other marketplaces. All these factors involve data and hence need tracking.

It would help if you could track all the above performance indicators in one consolidated dashboard like the one from Weavr.

However, there are times when you may require monitoring individual platforms separately and such customisations can be added to your central Weavr dashboard.

Let’s compare Weavr vs Individual Dashboards so that you can use the correct tool better to monitor your e-commerce & its performance.

What Does Weavr Provide?

Before comparing, you should know about Weavr and what they provide.

If you are a digital marketing agency, this is the perfect dashboard for your business, as you can give the best service to your clients. If you are a key decision maker in a D2C company then you have found your go to analytics dashboard as data will no longer be overwhelming. If you sell on multiple e-tail platforms then you can analyse a lot more than just your advertising. The dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of what is going on with your advertising strategies.

It’s like a spacecraft dashboard with many performance parameters on display but much simpler. Weavr dashboard visually presents all the information so that you can track everything with one glance. You can even compare the performance criteria across two separate timeframes: daily, weekly, monthly or YTD. 

Weavr Sense allows you to check the share of voice of your business, or your client’s businesses, which assists in them making wiser business decisions. This dashboard is more suitable for businesses that sell online on multiple websites and marketplaces.

When you use the Weavr dashboard for your business, marketing and sales data analysis becomes much more manageable.

Benefits a Weavr Sense Can Provide Your Digital Marketing Agency

As a digital commerce organisation, you can benefit in the following ways when using this dashboard:

What Do Individual Dashboards Provide?

Most online businesses are present on multiple marketplaces and sell across different websites. These marketplaces usually provide individual dashboards to monitor the business and its advertising.

You get the full view of activities and performance indicators for a particular campaign or sales performance of a website through the individual campaign dashboard. In addition, the dashboard’s stats or metrics cover the whole campaign’s lifespan and progress.

Without crunching figures in spreadsheets and studying KPIs, you receive a thorough perspective of your marketing initiatives or sales efforts of that specific channel through an individual dashboard.

An individual dashboard allows you to analyse the performance of only one campaign in-depth.

Comparing Weavr vs Individual Dashboards

Dashboards are necessary for any eCommerce business to monitor and track the performance of its online sales or marketing campaigns. It is essential for you, as a digital marketing agency also, to choose the best dashboard for your business.

Let’s compare a dashboard like Weavr vs Individual dashboards to see how they are different and when to use which one in the following points:

  • An individual dashboard gives you a picture of a single ad campaign on a particular channel or the sales performance tracking on an individual eCommerce platform of the client. However, when you use a dashboard like Weavr, you get a comprehensive view to monitor the sales and other key metrics that help identify elements which affect the sales in all eCommerce platforms.
  • When you use an individual campaign dashboard, you get an in-depth look at the performance of that single platform. You can even check out several customised metrics for that specific platform. Using Weavr as your dashboard will allow you to track other key metrics like SOV, SOS, sentiment mapping, etc immaterial if you spend 5 lakh rupees monthly.
  • You will be able to pick insights into your ROI from a single platform, but when you use Weavr, the dashboard can help you with both specific and overall ROI across multiple channels.
  • If you are looking to save time and if you are an agency then conduct a quick analysis of your multiple client’s progress, Weavr is your best bet, as you will have to spend more time and labour in the case of individual dashboards.
  • Both the dashboards help you and your customer to make informed decisions for your business. However, the individual dashboard helps only one platform at a time, whereas Weavr can help the overall decision-making process.

In Conclusion

It is a necessity to have a dashboard as a digital business. You can monitor and track every platform automatically to drive insights and collaborate easily. 

When you use a dashboard like Weavr Sense, it can help you keep a watch on all eCommerce website performance from one place.

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