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Monitoring, Managing, and Running Your eCommerce Business Couldn’t Be Any Easier. Weavr Slate is the Key!

Business Reporting
Connect all your sales channels to a single campaign analysis dashboard for all-round monitoring.
Get the marketing automated reports to be able to make rightful business decisions.
Run the detailed analysis to detect loopholes in the marketing campaigns easily, without exhausting much of your time, money, and effort.
Set automated schedules to send the detailed analysis report to your dedicated team members for imposing immediate action.
VOC & Reporting

Get the Control Over What’s Running In & Around Your Business!

Weavr Slate

Weavr Slate is an reporting platform, helping you run detailed business channels analysis, whether singular or omnichannel. With accurate reports on your business performance, Weavr Slate allows your marketing team to be more active and proficient in making smart decisions. Scalability for your eCommerce store will be easier when you can track all of your marketing performance metrics. Connect more than 50 marketing channels to our platform, and get advertising analysis reports from all of them under a single dashboard.

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