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What We Do?


Unobstructed Analysis

Imagine the level of transparency you would attain upon your business performance across multiple channels when you can integrate more than 50 of them under one roof. Check out all your crucial business performance and marketing metrics through reports automation.


Smart Insights for Better Understandability

It doesn’t matter if your collected data isn’t in the best format, as Weavr can make it visualized in the most compelling manner possible. Your team will have actionable insights derived from textual data through automated reporting. It will help you understand what your business must do and implement!


Make Some Impactful Decisions

We don’t want you to spend hours thinking about performance measurement of your products performing well in which channel and at what price. Bring in all the important data

The Two Weavr Solutions Are At Your Service to Help You Analyze Your Business Data to the Fullest!

  • Integrate more than 50 marketing channels such as Curry’s, Flipkart and others.
  • Track ‘Share of Voice’ at Search and Category level.
  • Run analysis on Reviews & Ratings.
  • Run sentiment level review analysis.
  • Implement keyword level analysis for the negative reviews.
  • Check the product listing hygiene on your store.
  • Track competitor prices in real time across diverse platforms.
  • Supports integrations with multiple platforms such as Facebook, AMS, etc.
  • Run omnichannel analysis to stay updated with marketing efforts across all sales channels.
  • Run tailored analysis for a single channel oriented eCommerce business.
  • Set up automated report creation that is also exportable.
  • Automated scheduling of report emailers.
  • Create multiple accounts for your separate marketing channels.

Why is Data Centralization Important For Your eCommerce Success?

If you want your eCommerce business to thrive beyond the competitors’ success scale, you ought to make the right decisions at the right time. Whether pricing, marketing campaigns, or meeting customer demands, you must always stay ahead of your competitors.

And that’s possible when you acquire one of the best data reporting tools and are running an intelligent business ecosystem!

If you believe that determining eCommerce success relies only on the sales numbers, revenue generated, and website traffic, then you are probably unaware of the hard truth. There are many metrics and analytics approaches, such as review analysis, pricing comparison, omnichannel analysis, and much more, to determine customers’ behavior and the performance of your brand products.

As the competition is booming rapidly in the eCommerce industry, do you think you are analyzing enough metrics to beat them? If you hesitated to answer this question, you should probably get a demonstration of Weavr and find out for yourself!

How we works

How does Weavr Make it Happen?

Weavr isn’t just any ordinary dashboard to bring together your data from multiple platforms and centralize it. Instead, it lets you pick the most unique and impactful data metrics and work on them to decide what’s lagging or thriving in your eCommerce store.


Keep a tab on your product’s performance across multiple sales channels from a single unified hub.
Run detailed analytics on accurate and real-time business data on visibility, conversions, reviews, and others.
Run single-channel or multi-channel tailored analysis for your eCommerce success.
Send detailed performance reports to the dedicated team or download them to a local device for marketing presentations.

We don’t come from one size fits all philosophy.