Boost Your E-commerce Success with Weavr Sense’s Review Analytics

Boost Your E-commerce Success with Weavr

Boost Your E-commerce Success with Weavr Sense’s Review Analytics

Review analytics is the process of interpreting and analyzing customer feedback on your services or products. You will be using a lot of techniques revolving around natural language processing and sentiment analysis to understand the review or feedback patterns of your customers. It will give you a holistic view of what they think about your products.

This was a mere imagination in the past, but with advanced tools and technologies, review analytics for eCommerce businesses is now a reality. And Weavr Sense, among all the tools, is one of the best-configured solutions for you to make it possible.

How do Weavr Sense and its review analytics help you make your eCommerce business stand out? Well, that’s something you will know further in this article. So, read along till the end!

What is Review Analytics for E-commerce Businesses?

Customer review analytics will help your eCommerce business get knowledge into the needs, pain points, and preferences of the customers. It will allow you to use this information to improve your services or products and determine the areas that need improvement. Analyzing the review data will help improve the satisfaction quotient of the customers.

The best thing about review analytics is to pick the negative feedback promptly through keyword analysis to further improve the products or services to meet the customers’ expectations. It will improve customer retention and brand reputation, which will help you scale your business in terms of growth and revenue.

Customer reviews are liable for building social trust or proof among your customers. When you offer quality products or services, customers will leave positive reviews. It will showcase to your potential prospects that your older customers had a good experience with your store. Thus, there’s an increased chance that these new prospects will purchase from your store.

On the other hand, when there are negative reviews by previous customers that go unaddressed, it will hamper the overall reputation of the brand. Thus, the customers will create a wrong perception of your store. With proper review analytics, you can address the areas of concern that have led your customers to leave negative reviews.

Moreover, encouraging positive reviews improves your business’s ranking over search engines. When there are common keywords being used in the positive reviews, then it will enhance the visibility of your business in the SERPs. Thus, it will be easy for the customers to find your store and rely on your products. But remember that it works two ways!

What are the Features of Weavr Sense Concerning Review Analytics?

Weavr Sense is one of the most efficient review analytics tools that have the capability of assessing the positive and negative feedback of your customers. This tool supports integrating more than 50 eCommerce channels, such as Amazon, Curry’s, Flipkart, Walmart, and others.

Weavr Sense allows you to track your products at the Search and Category level. Following that, it has powerful features for analyzing reviews and ratings. There’s a specific provision within the tool for you to run sentiment-level analysis on the product reviews across multiple channels. The tool will help catch the expression and emotions of customers through the reviews and rate them as Positive or Negative.

Furthermore, the negative reviews will be analyzed on a keyword level, especially the ones that are followed by one or 2-star ratings. Upon assessing these reviews, you will be able to pick the common issue that’s triggering the problem among customers and sort it out to convert these negative reviews into positive feedback.

Weavr Sense’s review analytics features also enable you with the listing analyzer. This will help you analyze your product listing, formatting, positioning, and navigation efficiency. It means you can check if the customers can find your products easily over the store and skim through the information quickly or not. Thus, review analytics, in combination with listing analysis and competitor price tracking, will give you a winning edge for boosting your eCommerce success.

Ways Weavr Sense Helps You Boost Your eCommerce Business Success

As you have understood the potential of review analytics and the use of Weavr Sense, here are a few of the ways it can help you boost your business’s success rate:

1) Understanding the Customer Needs and Preferences

Analyzing the reviews of customers through Weavr Sense will provide insights into what your customers like or dislike about your service or product offerings. Using the features and functionalities of the tool, you will be able to understand what your customers expect from your brand. Considering these analytics benefits, you will be able to refine your product or service offerings to meet the preferences of your customers on priority.

2) Enhance the Customer Satisfaction Quotient

When you analyze the reviews stated by customers for your products across multiple eCommerce channels, you will be able to identify all the common complaints they have. You can then instruct your team to focus on addressing those issues and make the necessary improvements. With this, your business can expect to attain better loyalty, retention, and satisfaction from customers.

3) Detect the Areas of Improvement

Running review analytics with Weavr Sense would help you detect the areas in your eCommerce business that are lagging. For instance, you might be selling out quality products, but your customer service solutions aren’t responsive enough. In that case, it will be difficult for you to retain your customers. With feedback analysis based on sentiments or common keywords on negative feedback, you can take necessary actions to improve specific operating areas of your business.

4) Enhancing SEO

Weavr Sense doesn’t just help you analyze the reviews but also filter out the common keywords or phrases that your customers are using in their reviews. You can use them to enhance your SEO practices and make your brand more visible among the target audience. The more your brand or products are visible to the target audience, the higher your sales will be.

5) Run Review Benchmarking

With the use of an analytics tool like Weavr Sense, you will be able to add benchmarks for the metrics associated with customer reviews. For instance, some benchmarks you can set for your business success assessment are review volume, sentiment score, star rating, and others. It will allow you to compare the performance of your successful eCommerce businesses with the industry standards and pick out areas where you have to work.

6) Aggregating the Reviews From Multiple Sources

Using Weavr Sense, you will be able to bring all customer reviews from multiple sources under one roof. It means reviews on your products across websites, marketplaces, or third-party sites will be aggregated to a single platform, i.e., Weavr Sense. Thus, identifying the trends and patterns will be easier without the need to collect the reviews manually from different channels.

7) Analysis of Sentiments in the Reviews

Our tool has the proficiency to help you get detailed insight into the sentiment behind customer reviews. For invoking sentiment analysis features, Weavr Sense makes use of NLP (Natural Language Processing). It helps the tool identify the opinions or emotions of customers that they have portrayed in their reviews. Based on that analysis, our tool will categorize the reviews in the attribution of positive  and negative. Your primary point of concern will be to address the negative sentiment attribution on reviews.

8) Get Product Feedback

One of the most apparent yet essential benefits of Weavr Sense that is worthy of being pointed out is gathering product feedback. A feature allows you to monitor the reviews of customers who have used your products. Based on the analysis, this tool will help you pick the scope of improvements in terms of functions or features that they want to see in your product. Thus, it will help you prioritize your product development aspects in the right direction, using data as a strong foundation.

Weavr Sense- Your One-Stop Review Analytics Tool to Win Over Your eCommerce Competitors

It is true and undeniable that there might be a lot of your competitors who are selling similar products or services across the same marketing channels that you have opted for. Now, to win over the competition, you need to keep a constant tab on how your customers are responding to your products over the others.

Most new eCommerce businesses often focus on improving their product quality, marketing their products, and acquiring more sales & customers. In this quest, they often track the analytics data based on the number of sales, website traffic, revenue generated, cart abandonment, and others. But, most of you miss out on analyzing the reviews that tell the clear story of your brand’s success or failure.

Imagine focusing on sales and revenue statistics when your customers are tired of sending feedback on making fundamental improvements to the product. You will keep on selling your products to new customers but will be failing to retain them. Therefore, Weavr Sense brings you the best review analytics tool that you can integrate with more than 50 channels where you sell your products.

It’s high time you get a demonstration to see how beneficial it can be for your E-commerce success. Get in touch today!

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