VOC Tool

Let the Pricing and Reviews Associated with Your eCommerce Offerings Highlight Your Brand’s Status in the Market!
Weavr Sense Knows it All.

Keep track of the positive and negative reviews that your customers leave on your product pages across multiple channels.
Take your review analysis approach to the next stage by implementing sentiment-level analysis.
Detect the common keywords that your customers are using to put up negative reviews and get clarity on what part of your product needs improvement.
Monitor dashboard for a consistent real-time update on the price fluctuations on similar products that your competitors sell on your preferred channels.
VOC & Reporting

Complete Analysis to Put Your eCommerce Brand in a Strong Position Among the Rivals!

As an eCommerce business owner, it is evident you tend to sell your products across multiple marketplaces. Now, every marketplace has its share of customers that trusts the hub and the products made available over it. You will be getting reviews and ratings on dedicated sites to help you feel motivated or look out for areas of improvement. Monitoring the reviews across each channel individually might be a bit complex. Therefore, Weavr Sense brings to you a collaborative business ecosystem where review analytics is approached feasibly. Not just that, but the sentiment and keyword-level analysis makes the process even more effective.

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