How Can Weavr Revolutionize Your E-commerce Business


How Can Weavr Revolutionize Your E-commerce Business

Weavr dashboard is one of the most outstanding tools that has helped eCommerce businesses revamp their marketing efficiency. It comes with two different tools, namely Weavr Slate and Weavr Sense, that differ in terms of tracking different metrics and have varying functions to help eCommerce businesses thrive.

If you have stumbled upon the Weavr tool for your eCommerce business analytics experience, then it is definitely going to be your best pick. But, if you want to learn a bit more about how it can revolutionize your eCommerce business, then read this article till the end.
Here, you shall find out different ways in which Weavr can help your eCommerce business thrive.

What are Weavr Solutions?

Weavr is a unified solution that offers two tools, Weavr Slate and Weavr Sense, for helping eCommerce businesses run a condensed or focused analysis. You can integrate your product data from over 50 platforms and bring it to a single dashboard. Now, you can collect data from category or search level analysis across websites to the keyword or sentiment level analysis over feedback.

With data on how customers respond to your products, you and your team can make impactful decisions on growing your brand value. Weavr also helps you create automated reports that can help you promote collaboration among your team members. With actionable insights, you won’t have to be mindless about making a decision about your business’s growth.

Ways Weavr Solutions Can Revolutionize the E-commerce Businesses

There are impeccable eCommerce businesses out there, with many among them that might be selling similar products as you do. And, if you want to compete with them, you will have to build an intelligent ecosystem for your business, which demands you scale up your efforts.
As the online marketplace is becoming very intense and deep over time, one might need to assess a rare metric to help bring out a unique stand-out point for the business. There are many metrics that often go unaccountable, as businesses tend to keep up with just the standard market flow.

But Weavr wants the best for your eCommerce business! Using Weavr, you can now assess the data on metrics such as visibility, reviews, availability, and others. You just don’t have to rely on lead and conversion count to specify the success or failure of your marketing campaigns or products.

Weavr allows you to collect bulky and critical data to visualize it for healthy consumption. Here are some of the ways using which Weavr makes it possible for eCommerce businesses to revolutionize their performance measures:

1) Run Sentiment Level Analysis on the Product Reviews

Weavr Sense, as the name suggests, senses the emotions of people through the reviews they have left for your products across multiple channels. Sentiment-level analysis of the reviews is an automated process where a given text or opinion is analyzed to specify whether the review is Positive, Negative, or Neutral.

People often write reviews to share their feelings about the products they purchase and use. Consumers are very much keen on what they buy online. So, if you have delivered a quality product, be ready to get some good reviews with positive sentiments, but if there was some damage due to transit or a defective product was shipped, be ready to witness negative reviews.

In either case, you can have the control to retain your customers. Responding to the reviews in the best ways possible would require you to understand their sentiments. Assessing the hundreds or thousands of reviews over multiple platforms manually to understand their sentiments will consume a lot of time and effort, which also seems impractical.

Therefore, using Weavr Sense, sentiment level analysis can be initiated for the reviews across all channels immediately. Thus, it will help you retrieve the insights accurately and quickly.

2) Analyze the Hygiene of the Product Listing

Product listing is the page over your eCommerce site that presents you with a list of products that you sell and specifies them into different categories or search queries across multiple channels. It is considered one of the most crucial elements for deriving a good eCommerce experience for customers. It is because the product listing helps direct the customers to detailed product pages, which increases the chances of conversion.

Weavr Sense will score the product listing hygiene out of 10 to specify if you have used the right formatting, categorization, or placement of the products. The higher the rating, the better the customer experience in your store. Apart from that, the product-specific information should also be represented in a proper manner without misleading the customers.

The images of the products you add to your store should be of high resolution for Weavr Sense to score your listing hygiene better. Not just that, but you should provide relevant and enough images of the product to help your customers get enough information to feel convinced about buying the product.

Following that, what this listing hygiene indicates more is to categorize your products properly. The consumers, when landing over your store, should be able to easily navigate through the store without finding it difficult to look for any product.

3) Consistent Price Tracking in Real Time

If you are selling your product across multiple eCommerce marketplaces and have your competitors selling in those platforms as well, price tracking becomes very crucial. Weavr Sense allows you to initial real-time price tracking for your products against what the competitors have listed across all the channels.

You will be getting constant updates on the price fluctuations that the competitors’ products will experience. Based on that, you can also change your price tag to attract your consumers to the product. Competitor price tracking is one of the most crucial practices for assessing the price of your rival products daily. Not only that, but you will also be getting insights into promotions, pricing strategies, and other such comparative insights.

With this feature by Weavr Sense, you will be able to be aggressive on the price changes of your product across multiple platforms. Customers are often fond of special deals or promotions. Therefore, even the big eCommerce brands offer deals to entice customers to buy specific products. When you take note of your competitors’ pricing strategies through deals or promotions, try and teach the same for your products to match the competition.

When you have set price tracking on your competitors’ products, you will be staying ahead of the crowd across all marketing channels. Every time consumers would look for the best deals on dedicated platforms, they would always find your product on the top. It is a beneficial feature of Weavr, especially during peak sales or holiday seasons.

4) Customized Omnichannel Analysis

Weavr Slate, the next big tool for your eCommerce business, provides you with customized omnichannel analysis. Many eCommerce business owners often use omnichannel marketing techniques to promote convenient shopping experiences for customers across several channels. And omnichannel analytics is the practice where you collect data from all of the channels that you use for selling your products.

With this, you will be getting a holistic view of how the marketing measures are working out for the eCommerce business. Furthermore, it will help you decide how to optimize the business processes to enhance user experience across all sales touchpoints. Running omnichannel analytics with Weavr Slate would help you get insight into the customers’ behaviour.

You will be able to keep a tab on social shares, pageviews, email opens, product reviews, revenue , spends, transactions, ROAS, AOV, etc. Following that, such an analysis will also help you with predictive analytics, enhanced engagement, and improved personalization. Acquiring all of these data and converting them into actionable insights would eventually help you optimize your marketing measures to gather more sales.

The best thing about having a customized omnichannel analysis is you get to pick the metrics you want to track. Apart from customer satisfaction, engagement, and predictive analytics, you should consider getting insights into inventory management data. Omnichannel analytics help you keep track of what the customers are buying. Thus, it enables you to get an idea of what products are in demand and need restocking.

Let Weavr Help You Scale With Your E-commerce Marketing Efforts!

There are a lot more features that Weavr Sense and Weavr Slate have to offer, which would help grow your eCommerce business with data-driven insights as the foundation. With Weavr, you don’t have to be blind upon making your eCommerce business decisions. Gather all relevant metrics and run detailed analytics to determine your brand’s position in the market.

Once you know where your brand and product stand in terms of sales and popularity, you can now work on changing these metrics in your favour. While you improve your marketing measures, keep a constant tab on the updated data through Weavr tools and track your growth over time. The competitiveness in the eCommerce sector is booming at a heightened pace. Utilizing business-centric data is paramount if you want to mark your position out of the crowd.

Let Weavr Solutions help you in this quest of acquiring more sales and revenue from your eCommerce business.

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