Maximizing Your Agency’s Marketing Potential with Weavr Solutions: Weavr Sense and Weavr Slate

Maximizing Your Agency's Marketing Potential with Weavr Solutions
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Maximizing Your Agency’s Marketing Potential with Weavr Solutions: Weavr Sense and Weavr Slate

In the course of running your business and winning over your competition, you will be using a lot of marketing strategies throughout. But, as your business grows over time with a good customer base, it becomes essential for you to change your strategies and make the marketing measures even more impactful.

It is true that you need focus and knowledge on how you can improve marketing operations. But, what’s more, it is important for your team to improve marketing potential. Scaling your marketing performance is possible when you can keep track of customer data efficiently and also measure the performance of your ad campaigns.

These are the key steps that you must follow in order to take your business marketing tactics to the next level. And to help you get started with leveraging the opportunities. Weavr Sense and Weavr Slate are the best tools for your marketing team to assess data, establish seamless workflow and improve efficiency.

Let’s learn more about these Weavr tools and how they can help you with scaling the marketing potential of your agency.

Understanding Weavr Solutions

Before heading out to explain to you the ways in which Weavr Slate and Weavr Sense help you improve your agency’s marketing potential, you should get a brief insight into what these tools are capable of:

Weavr Sense:

Whether you are a digital marketing agency or an eCommerce business owner, Weavr Sense is the perfect dashboard to satisfy your marketing efficiency requirements. Analyzing the data from multiple channels won’t be overwhelming anymore. If you or your clients are selling products across multiple eCommerce marketplaces, you can keep a tab on your product performance across all those channels under the Weavr dashboard.

Weavr Sense helps you check the share of voice with respect to you or your client’s business. Thus, analyzing this data will help with wiser business decisions. This tool is more favourable for businesses that sell products online or for agencies that offer marketing services to such online stores.

As Weavr Sense is in the dashboard format, you will get the visuals of different types of metrics that you want for measuring your business performance, either for you or your client’s products. The best part is you can connect all the eCommerce marketplaces where your or your client’s products are being sold with Weave Sense for creating a single point of access.

This tool also allows you to measure the performance metrics based on either an annual or monthly basis. This allows you to track and report the progress of your or your client’s business and take adequate measures to help improve the marketing capabilities.

Weavr Slate:

Weavr Slate is the next big unified dashboard by the brand for scaling your agency’s marketing efforts. It doesn’t matter if you are running your own eCommerce business or are providing marketing solutions to your clients; Weavr Slate can help you scale your marketing capabilities.

With Weavr Slate, you can integrate multiple marketing channels or eCommerce platforms such as Flipkart, Google, Facebook, and others. As customers often reach out to the brand to avail their products through multiple sales touchpoints, Weavr Slate allows you to run omnichannel analysis to find which touchpoints contribute to maximum sales.

Following that, the users of Weavr Slate will also be made available with information on single-channel performance. For some business owners, selling on multiple platforms might not be a preference. Therefore, Weavr Slate offers singular channel-tailored analysis services to help such business owners get sufficient performance data to scale their marketing efforts.

The features don’t end here, as you are also allowed to set up the creation of automated reports that are exportable to the local machine or any unified database. Following that, you can also schedule the email to dedicated department heads with these automated reports for further analysis or to navigate other business operations.

Ways Weavr Sense and Weavr Slate Can Help Scale the Agency’s Marketing Efforts

So, to help you understand the capabilities of Weavr solutions, here is a detailed elaboration on how these tools can help give you great marketing success in your growing stage:

1) Establish A Cross-Department Workflow

The most crucial thing about improving the marketing measures of your agency is building a solid workflow between the marketing and other team members. The internal operations executed by different teams are influenced heavily by how the other departments share or request marketing data or additional such information.

Therefore, you ought to establish your workflow by using a specific tool that can help you streamline the entire process of bringing your team members on the same page. Weavr Slate solves this problem for you. It doesn’t just help you with customized omnichannel or singular channel marketing analysis and allows employees to export the reports or schedule the report emailers easily.

You can easily export the marketing performance report to your system for recordkeeping or schedule an automated email for the respective department or individual to receive once the report is created.

2) Prefer Working With Your Audience’s Preferences in Mind

In the case of digital marketing, one of the biggest issues is the unwanted noise in the market. There are a lot of companies that are offering the same products or services as you do. And all of them are saying mostly the same thing to your target audience. In this rush to be visible over digital channels, companies often fail to research who their audience is and what they intend to see or hear.

So, if you want to improve the market potential, plan your ways again from the start. Give in enough time to explore the data and run analytics to determine varying perspectives of the customers and the product/service performance. Pay attention to all the reviews and conversations in the comments.

Weavr Sense helps you analyze the customers’ behaviour for the products on over 50+ websites, including Amazon, Flipkart, etc. It enables you to run analytics on the reviews and ratings to find out detailed responses on how the customers are feeling about your product. Not just that, but keyword and sentimental level analysis on the reviews or feedback of clients is crucial to help you understand the audience’s preferences.

3) Bring Together All the Important Consumer Insights

You have a marketing team that analyzes the customer and business performance data to align the loopholes and strong points of your existing marketing strategy. But the key to making the best impact out of the customer insights is to bring all of them together under one roof. And that’s where Weavr Solutions comes to the scene!

Weavr Sense helps you collect data on customer reviews, ratings, and feedback collected from more than 50 channels. Through keyword-level analysis of the negative reviews, this tool can help you find the common issue in your product that convinces consumers to leave low ratings.

Not only that, but this tool also analyzes the product listing hygiene and rates it out of 10. Following that, you will also be able to track the price of the product against the competitor’s offering across diverse platforms. Weavr Slate, on the other hand, allows you to run custom omnichannel analysis on marketing performance across all integrated channels. The combination of these tools would help you bring together crucial consumer insights for better analysis.

4) Establish the Crucial Marketing Metrics And Stick to Them

There’s an endless list of metrics that you can monitor for scaling your agency’s marketing efforts. But what you can do instead is determine the key metrics that would majorly influence the associated marketing efforts. Without setting benchmarks, you cannot expect your team to take the effort in the right direction.

Most marketing departments prefer going with the bulk metrics they have in hand. But that’s what would make you a regular brand and not someone with stand-out measures. Pick specific metrics that would serve as the benchmark for your marketing performance. Some of the key marketing metrics often revolve around consistent price tracking, product performance across multiple channels, and a number of conversions.

Make use of Weavr solutions, and you will be able to keep track of all the crucial marketing metrics on priority. Upon integrating the Weavr tools with your marketing channels, the data will be updated constantly for you to keep live tracking on price fluctuations, product performance, and others.

Weavr Brings You the Complete Flexibility of Scaling Your Marketing Efforts!

With Weavr, it is now possible to maintain a consistency of staying ahead in the crowd from the competitors. Digital marketing agencies benefit from the tool by being able to provide their clients with insightful performance data. On the other hand, the businesses directly relying on Weavr are now marketing experts themselves.

So, let’s not live with the marketing efforts of the past and adopt something better that the industries are demanding in the present era. Weavr Slate and Weavr Sense are two impactful tools that should be in your arsenal to tackle the marketing hurdles that come your way. Let’s make your or your client’s product win the competition and scale using better marketing efforts with Weavr!


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