How to Build an eCommerce Sales Funnel that Converts?

How to Build an eCommerce Sales Funnel that Converts?

How to Build an eCommerce Sales Funnel that Converts?

Creating the perfect eCommerce sales funnel is the right approach to bringing new users to your brand and converting them into loyal customers. But the strategy behind it is not something you can implement immediately and expect to reap instant benefits.

A lot of planning and research goes into building an eCommerce funnel. So, if you want to bring in more leads and maximise your overall business revenue, let’s discuss how you can build your sales funnel.

What is an E-commerce Sales Funnel, and Why Do You Need it?

The sales funnel is like a pathway for customers when they embark on a journey to buy your products. The journey starts when they get introduced to your products and ends when they buy them from your website. Using the right funnel, you can earn the users’ trust and make them your repeat customers.

Without being extra verbose, an eCommerce sales funnel is about creating an easy buying experience for your customers. It involves various aspects such as pre-designing their journey, taking follow-ups, driving website traffic and running marketing campaigns.

Companies that scale with an easy buying process for their eCommerce model are 62% more likely to get quality sales. As an eCommerce business owner, you are already operating your brand on a sales funnel. But if it doesn’t give you the expected results, it is mostly broken.

You need a working and well-optimised eCommerce conversion funnel for:

  • Turning the prospects into payable customers
  • Get a clear roadmap for a customer’s journey through all stages
  • Tracking important metrics at ease

You don’t have to manually set things up to make your sales funnel work, as it can run on autopilot. It will help your prospects find adequate solutions to their problems. Moreover, you will be able to spot the flaws in your sales process and do the work to overcome them. It can introduce a personalised purchasing journey for customers to make repeat purchases and increase overall revenue.

Understanding the Different Stages of eCommerce Sales Funnel

If you want to create an effective sales funnel for your eCommerce business, then understanding and implementing all these stages in their correct order is all that you will need.

The various stages within your eCommerce sales funnel are:

  1. Awareness

The top of the sales funnel is blocked for creating awareness for your brand and products among the target audience. With your various marketing approaches, this stage aims to make your customers get to know your products and brand. You can do it by addressing their problems and by giving them solutions through your brand offerings.

Use content, SEO and advertising measures to address your customers’ pain points. The purpose is to achieve exposure without spending much of your marketing budget at this stage.

  1. Consideration or Evaluation

You have now addressed your customers’ problems like a friend in the previous step. In the consideration or evaluation step, you must set up your eCommerce sales strategy. Emphasise providing a perfect solution to your customers by positioning your brand.

Your goal here is to convert your website visitors into your newsletter subscribers. Give them your best offer because they are already searching for your competitors. Make them join your community, where you can encourage their purchasing decision through intuitive offers.

  1. Purchase

By the time you are at this stage, you have made it clear to the consumers that they need the specific product. But you still have to convince them they should purchase from you and your competitors.

In this stage, your work will make things easy for your customers to make a conclusive decision. Use your marketing strategies to ensure you offer better products, shipping options, prices, and post-sales services.

Some innovative thing you could try is by adding an exit-intent ad on your website. Such an ad will pop up when your visitor is about to exit the page. Try adding an exclusive discount, first-time purchase offer, free shipping or other such perks to convince the buyer to decide. Hence, this will help increase your overall conversion rate.

  1. Retention

Congratulations, you have made your customer make the first purchase. But wait, your sales funnel doesn’t end here! In an eCommerce business, repeat customers are an inevitable part of your success journey. Retaining an existing customer is cheaper and easier than acquiring a new one.

You can introduce point-based loyalty programs, special subscriber offers, cashback, repeat purchase discounts and much more to make this possible. Earning loyal customers would help you maintain a good flow for your business. As a result, you will have multiplied revenue year after year.

Tips or Ways to Optimise Your Ecommerce Sales Funnel

Now that you know how to build your sales funnel, it is time to learn how to keep it optimised and functional. As the industry trends keep changing frequently, you must change your funnel approach to continue bringing in more customers. So, the top ways to optimise your sales funnel are:

  • Use the Facebook Ads for Getting Traffic

For the awareness stage, you might have to use Facebook for posting and promoting your ads. With billions of active users on this platform, spreading awareness won’t be difficult with the right ad marketing strategies.

  • Make Use of Social Proof Across All Channels

Try and implement social proof such as customer testimonials, honest reviews and everything that proves your brand’s quality. Post these social proofs on your website and all social media channels to build rapport with your potential customers.

It is one of the best ways to convince site visitors about the credibility of your online store and product quality.

  • Optimise the Product Pages

You must convince your buyers that your solution is the best among all other options. You must first understand the buyer persona, align the page copy with customers’ common questions, and position the product as the best answer to all those queries.

You need to work on product descriptions, calls-to-action, and other such areas of your product pages.

  • Send On-Site Messages

To ensure your customers make a decision, you must distinguish between subscribers, new visitors and repeat customers. Once you have distinguished the traffic, you can curate specific marketing campaigns to ensure you can target them better.

Give good offers and discounts to your customers through exit-intent ads, benefit-driven call-to-action, minimised input fields or something else. The goal should be to warmly nudge the customers to consider your offer.

Let’s Assess Your Sales Funnel Better with Weavr!

One important part of assessing and optimising your eCommerce sales funnel is to keep track of important metrics. Whether you want to distinguish your audience or track the performance of your ads and marketing campaigns, you need a centralised dashboard to turn data into actionable insights.

And, Weavr is the perfect solution to collaborate with your business on a digital level and enhance the effectiveness of your sales funnel. Bring in all your sales and customer insights under one tool, which will make tracking, utilising and evolving easier for your eCommerce brand.


Starting with an eCommerce business, you must take a closer look at your customers’ pathway to sales. If the funnel is broken, the ratio of people buying from you will be drastically reduced.

It is because only a few people would buy products right after their first interaction with the brand. Most people head out to compare your products with the competitors. And if you make a lasting impression through your offers and quality claims, they will return to you and make a purchase.

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