PDT Page- Sales Use Case

Grow your revenues while we help you overcome chaos of data!

Empower your sales & revenue teams to do more with Weavr

Drive conversions! Your digital cockpit that has all your data from every channel you use in a single spot

Simplify your highly complex data dashboards and channels with Weavr reporting

Tools that get you closer to your consumer

Get closer to the people that matter most to your business through the likes of social listening but in ecommerce/ marketplaces.

Ace at your e-tailing business with a single dashboard that assesses all your and your competitors ecommerce metrics.

Things Weavr’s dashboard and reports help your Sales Teams achieve

Witness real-time data that’s collected from various sources on a single dashboard
Save time and make error free decisions with automated process of insights from all sales channels
Identify issues within the marketing and sales funnels from various comparisons and data representation in one look
Make informed decisions across teams without depending on bulky sheets and numbers
Quick turnarounds and intelligent decisions can be made across various product items through various features like consumer sentiment mapping, ratings trend, previous vs current campaigns of any time periods, etc

Quick and easy way to take intelligent decisions for your business’ sales