Introducing Weavr – Entire View of Your Digital Efforts


Introducing Weavr – Entire View of Your Digital Efforts

Can you picture yourself as the captain of your business spaceship, sitting in the cockpit and monitoring its operations by looking at the dashboard?

Well, that’s precisely how you will feel with the Weavr dashboard!

Using this dashboard will give you clarity about your business growth trajectory. With this one operating system to track many metrics, you can support every department in your organization.

We believe in the philosophy that one size doesn’t fit all! Thus, all our solutions are customizable to suit your requirements.

Whether you are a digital marketing agency or a business owner, with the Weavr dashboard, you can track your sales, product and marketing performances.

Weavr for Your Agency

You work towards your client’s online visibility as a digital marketing agency. For this purpose, you have to try various strategies across multiple channels. With your efforts, the client has to see the growth result of their bottom line.

All the work you do needs continuous tracking and evaluation. It is possible to do so if you use an analytics tool that tracks complex data with ease. Introducing Weavr and incorporating it into your daily work can immensely help your agency.

This platform collects data, organises them and displays everything as various metrics in the form of a dashboard. As a result, you and your team can take quick and informed decisions for your marketing agency business. In addition, you will be in a better position to assist your customers in achieving their objectives.

Let’s look at some ways in which you as an agency can benefit from using this application:

  • The best part about the Weavr dashboard is that it creates a central hub of essential KPIs and metrics. As a result, it adds considerable value by empowering your team members to make the right decisions and do more for your clients.
  • You can customise and personalise the metrics you monitor for your customers’ campaigns and objectives. This way, you can manage your key accounts in alignment with your business goals.
  • The simplistic visualisations that the dashboard provides give better clarity of the progress of your business growth, including your client’s campaign performances.
  • At Weavr, we understand that as a marketing agency, you must carry out SEO for websites and run various ad campaigns for your customers. With the help of this platform, you can amalgamate every initiative and monitor every channel’s performance.
  • Get detailed reports for every project you are working on from this platform. You can use them to keep your clients updated on their campaign progress. Moreover, track your agency metrics progress with the help of the reports.

Weavr for Your Business

The Weavr application is an excellent tool, even if you are a business owner running an e-commerce company or otherwise. Using this platform, you can manage online sales and social media ad campaigns.

It compiles and projects data like a dashboard with the help of charts, graphs and tables. With one glance, you will know the performance of every initiative your business is conducting.

You can align all your business stakeholders with one dashboard by introducing Weavr as your go-to analysis tool. This application makes achieving your company’s vision, mission and goals simple.

Here are a few advantages of using this platform for your business analytics:

  • With the help of this analytics tool, you can measure the ROI you are generating from your marketing initiatives. In addition, tracking this performance metric will give you control over your profit and loss accounts.
  • As an online business, it is vital that you keep watching your competitors. Weavr dashboard can assist you in tracking certain metrics of your competition along with yours. It helps in conducting a comparative study for smarter business decisions.
  • Manual analysis of massive amounts of data takes time and manpower, leading to a loss of productivity. Moreover, there may be mistakes in collating information which could cause a loss of money. You can avoid such errors with the use of this analytics tool.
  • Get ready reports using this application for your business and help team members take corrective actions. In addition, you can get individualised reports for various metrics and projects.
  • Another advantage of Weavr as your dashboard for analysis is that you can listen to the voice of customers or share of voice metrics. The voice of the customer will help you analyse customer ratings and reviews. Share of voice will let you know your brand awareness and market share.
  • The above metrics will help you innovate and improve your products and services. In addition, it will allow your business to beat the competition with better offerings.

What Can You Use Weavr For?

It doesn’t matter if you run a successful online business or an agency providing digital marketing services. Weavr can help you with the following:

Sales & Marketing Success

Sales and marketing efforts go hand-in-hand for every organisation. The purpose of marketing initiatives and ad campaigns is to increase sales for the business. All your and your team members’ effort is to ensure an increase in revenue with marketing campaigns.

The following points will help you understand how this dashboard can assist you in your sales and marketing programs:

  • The data you collect from your marketing campaigns are on a real-time basis. Thus, the Weavr dashboard facilitates quick resolution of any issues you may detect, making your campaigns more effective.
  • This tool enables you to build better and more effective marketing strategies as a business owner or a digital marketer. You can do this with the help of many metrics or KPIs you customise to monitor the advertisement campaigns in the application.
  • Tracking your leads and accessing customer details can allow your sales team to increase conversion numbers. The best part about the Weavr dashboard is that it maintains every essential data giving you instant access for your use.
  • With this single dashboard, you can collate, monitor and evaluate your marketing campaigns across several channels. This multi-channel access to vital metrics can help make critical budgetary choices as you can compare which initiative is doing better.
  • The platform even lets you analyse customer pain points so that you can tactically design or tweak your ad campaigns for greater impact. This strategy will, in turn, increase your sales revenue with healthier conversion rates.

Improved Products & Services

Weavr solutions can help you build improved products or services for your clients. You can include all the necessary metrics to listen to your customer’s opinions about your brand.

Some of the indicators you can incorporate on this dashboard for better offerings to your customers are:

  • Voice of Customer
  • Share of Voice
  • Share of Shelf
  • Sentiment Mapping & Analysis
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Ratings
  • Product Listing Hygiene
  • Social Listening on E-Commerce Marketplaces & E-Tailing Platforms
  • Share of Search

All the above metrics from the Weavr dashboard will help you get closer to customers for a deeper understanding of their requirements.

With the assistance of this dashboard, you can visually aid your product team to innovate and come up with better solutions.

After all, everything you offer is for the customer and listening to their demands is critical. They are the ones who will take you to extraordinary heights of success when you give them what they want.

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