USE CASE: Marketing

Build better marketing strategies while we weave your data!

Engage your target audiences better with insightful analysis from Weavr

Juice your marketing funnels! Your digital cockpit that has all your data from every channel you use in a single spot

Simplify your highly complex data dashboards and channels with Weavr reporting

Tools that help you synergize your strategies with your audience

Get closer to the people that matter most to your campaigns and strategies through the likes of social listening but in ecommerce/marketplaces.

Ace at your e-tailing business with a single dashboard that assesses all your and your competitors ecommerce metrics.

Things Weavr’s dashboard and reports help your Marketing Teams achieve

Observe the impact of all your campaigns on single/multiple channel or marketplace, anytime and anywhere
Be independent and have access to customer pain-points conveniently that can be leveraged for impactful campaign ideas
Have complete clarity on ROI of a single/all campaigns
Make better decisions with quick visual comparisons with competitors as well as your performance in previous dates
Perform across channels and conveniently collaborate with customized reports
Save hours in meetings and avoid the long complicated sheets of metrics from various data sources

Quick and easy way to take intelligent decisions for your business’ marketing strategies.