PDT Page-USE CASE: Business owner

Equip your business with the tool that helps in making better decisions!

Empower your businesses to do more with Weavr

Drive conversions! Your digital cockpit that has all your data from every channel you use in a single spot

Simplify complex business review data dashboards and endless pivoted sheets with Weavr reporting

Tools that get you closer to your consumer

Get closer to the people that matter most to your business through the likes of social listening but in ecommerce/ marketplaces.

Dig deep into your business’ goldmine- your customer reviews and ratings with a quick look at Weavr Voice of Customer

Things Weavr’s dashboard and reports help your Business Executives achieve

Take better charge of your Business’ PnL.
Plan your strategic moves to launch your products to your target audience
Expand into new markets however cold, by keeping a close watch on your competitors
Avoid failures due to basic but detrimental errors caused due to manual data collection and skewed analysis
Be true to your ever changing consumers and therefore your market with our real time reports
Save hours of your team members in collating and presenting endless rows of omni channel metrics

Quick and easy way to take intelligent decisions for your business