PDT Page-USE CASE: Agency

Automate your client’s growth while we help you weave their complex data!

Empower your teams to do more for your clients with Weavr

Drive better business for your clients! A digital cockpit that has every client’s data from multiple channels in a single spot

Seamless coalition and visualizations of complicated data for individual and all clients in a single dashboard with Weavr reporting

Tools that showcase all your clients’ consumers in one shot

Get closer to metrics that matter most to your clients through the likes of social listening but on e-tailing platforms.”

Dig deep into your client’s voice of customer, their reviews and ratings with a quick look at Weavr VoC

Things Weavr’s dashboard and reports help your Marketing Teams achieve

Manage key accounts of your agency in a single view to get the overview on your business’s progress
Grow your and your client’s business with simple visualizations of the marketing efforts
A centralized dashboard that clubs all ecommerce metrics in one place for your clients along with their customer’s voice.
Utilize your team’s time productively to analyze data and further take corrective actions. Save hours of their time usually spent on collecting data and building complex reports.

Quick and easy way to take intelligent decisions for your agency business