KRBL Limited holds the distinction of being the largest rice miller globally. It stands as a dominant Indian rice processor and exporter, renowned for its flagship basmati variety, India Gate, which reigns as the most popular rice brand in India. KRBL aimed to improve its market operations by making use of advanced tech solutions to monitor product prices and availability across different eCommerce platforms. Weavr provided the ideal solution to meet KRBL's requirements, streamlining their process with precision and efficiency.


India Gate (KRBL) faced a significant challenge in monitoring daily product availability and pricing across different pin codes on major eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Blinkit, and Jiomart. The process was inherently complex, requiring manual efforts that were prone to errors and time-consuming. KRBL needed an automated, accurate, and cost-effective solution to streamline this process.

Our solution

After deconstructing KRBL's challenges into manageable requirements, Weavr Sense, a specialized version tailored for KRBL, was developed to address the following:

Part 1: Automated Data Collection: Weavr Sense deployed advanced bots to scrape data on product pricing and availability from multiple eCommerce websites daily.

Part 2: Advanced Data Analytics: The solution included a sophisticated dashboard for data representation, enabling KRBL to export exhaustive Excel reports. This dashboard featured automated analytics, trend lines for price fluctuations, and highlighted products with limited availability.

Today, Weavr Sense efficiently tracks the performance of India Gate's products across 5 major eCommerce platforms, collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data to ensure KRBL stays competitive and informed. The system has significantly reduced manual efforts, minimized errors, and provided actionable insights through the following features:

Monitoring and analyzing the presence and visibility of India Gate products compared to competitors across various eCommerce platforms, providing insights into market positioning and brand prominence.

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