5 Ways Your Social Media Data Can Help in Other Parts of Your Business

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5 Ways Your Social Media Data Can Help in Other Parts of Your Business

Statistics state that more than 70% of people who attain a good experience with a business over social media platforms are more likely to recommend the services or products to their networks. Hence, this explains how broad social media is for brands to generate awareness easily and promote products and services.

Running social media marketing campaigns has been a success for most brands, and the metrics obtained from these campaigns are yet to be used efficiently for businesses to grow. Social media marketing data, when used strategically, can help your business succeed in various measures.

So, in this article, let’s discuss five crucial ways of using your social media data to help escalate your business growth.

Is Social Media Data So Important? 

An adult spends an average of 95 minutes per day on social media platforms. Hence, this is your window for your target audience to see and respond to your brand promotions. Moreover, turning to specific social media platforms, around 81% of people prefer using Instagram to look for products or services they need.

These statistics indicate that social media is a powerful tool you can leverage to gain success for your brand, with an enormous sales rate and by generating heightened awareness. And while you are leveraging these statistics to help scale your marketing campaigns over social media, you can also collect specific social media data such as response time, response rate, impressions, click-through rate, engagement metrics, post reach and impressions.

These metrics are important because they will hint at how your target audience is receiving your posts or marketing efforts. Experts use these metrics to check whether a particular ad post brings in more engagement, likes, shares, comments and followers to the profile. Through comments and response rates on a post, you can also determine if a particular product or service is being appreciated by your target audience or not.

So yes, strategic use of social media data is of utmost importance!

5 Ways of Using Social Media Data for Business Success

Like your brand website, your social media channel is also the face of your brand. So, from curating a dedicated company bio on the social media pages to giving in quality posts to maintain the engagement rate, you have to do it all to earn your customers’ attention.

So, now that you know social media data analytics is important let’s find out ways how it can help your business:

  1. Create Engaging Content for the Audience

Acquiring social media data for business will help you build content that can perform well to give you a good engagement ratio. Whether announcing something new or promoting your existing services, you must know what content resonates more with your target audience.

For instance, social media is now utilizing meme marketing as a trend. People stop scrolling over funny content pieces on social media. So, if you add funny and catchy texts resembling video clips, the engagement ratio will multiply exponentially. People will start following you for such content and might eventually avail of your products or services.

  1. Analyses Social Media Data to Determine Customer Journey

When you are building a marketing campaign, everything should align with the customer journey. The social media campaign is no different! Determining the customer journey through social media campaigns will help you plan a more strategic approach to achieving your business goals.

The customer journey involves the prime stages of awareness, consideration, conversion and loyalty. While you are assessing social data, you should navigate your analysis process through all of these stages.

For the awareness part, you should look at the video views and the engagement metrics to determine at what rate people are interacting with a new brand like yours. For the consideration part, obtain the click-through rate and Thru Plays, which will indicate that a certain group of your target audience is showing deeper interest in your ads, which makes them potential leads. Thru Plays is the count of times your video has been played for more than 15 seconds.

For conversion, check the add-to-cart metrics and final purchase records through social media traffic. Hence, this will determine the rate at which your audience responded to the social media campaign for finally purchasing from you.

Finally, for the loyalty part, look at how many people mention your brand or use your hashtags over the social media platform. These customers are your brand advocates who are satisfied with your products or services and will spread positive word of mouth about your brand.

Obtaining and utilizing these metrics will eventually help you improve your social media eCommerce or drive the interest of the consumers to avail of your services.

  1. Build Realistic Buyer Personas

Most social media platforms have analytical tools that offer you sufficient data on buyer interests, habits and demographics of followers. Using this data, you can build a buyer persona to help yourself target the customer segments.

For that, you must decode the data to understand your customers’ habits, sentiments and needs. Following that, you have to implement them in your next social media strategies. Data analytics features of Instagram help you obtain information on gender, age-range and other factors to help you curate social strategy for engaging followers and encouraging potential customers.

With a buyer persona, it becomes easy for a brand to cater to the needs of its customers by offering the right set of products or services. You will be able to craft content with the right pitch and tone to make your audience act on it.

  1. Take Advantage of an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing for brands through influencer engagement promotes customer loyalty. Moreover, it is the fastest-growing technique in the social media marketing arena and is leading to high customer acquisition.

You will need social media data analytics to discover who might be the best influencer for running your brand campaigns. Once you have assessed the data to find the right influencer, you can also keep track of the metrics pertaining to posts done with influencers, to determine what works well within your partnership and what needs to be changed.

While conducting social media analytics to find your influencer, compare the engagement rates, social metrics and follower counts relating to your campaign theme.

  1. Better Customer Service

One of the best ways social media data helps improve your business is by giving you a better scope of conducting customer service. The data you acquire can be used to create a personalized experience for your customers.

Run different polls to determine what works well for your customers and what they want to see changed in your brand. Moreover, collect customer feedback/review data over the comments of various social media posts to filter the issues out of them and rectify them on a unified level after assessing the particular customer.


So, these are the five ways of using social media data so that you can expect your business to boom alongside your successful marketing campaigns. Social media for business has always been a successful integration. Now, it’s time to use the data and metrics acquired to improve the existing strategies and impose new ones for increasing sales, converting more leads and promoting better brand engagement.

If you have any doubts about how you can utilize such data to make an impact on your business, consider hiring a social media marketing agency to guide you through the process.

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