5 Evergreen Tips To Improve Your Marketing Campaign Performance

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5 Evergreen Tips To Improve Your Marketing Campaign Performance

It is a common practice for businesses worldwide to advertise their offerings through a digital marketing campaign. This way, a company can reach a myriad of customers across various social media and online platforms.

However, to gain visibility, the competition in these arenas is exceptionally high. It means that you, as a manager or a digital marketer, must constantly monitor, measure, and tweak your online marketing campaign for improved effectiveness.

You can achieve this performance improvement in every campaign only by using the right analytic metrics and tools which Weavr can provide.

There are some tried and tested tips that can help in improving the performance of your ad campaigns. It’s important that you explore further to benefit from these essential tips.

What is Marketing Campaign Performance?

Let’s say you launched a new marketing campaign on one of the social media platforms. Now, how will you know what is happening with this campaign?

The only way to know is by tracking and measuring certain key performance indicators (KPIs) against predetermined targets. These targets or goals define the purpose of launching such a digital media campaign.

Using tools that can help track various indicators or metrics, you will be able to analyse the performance of the social media ad campaign. The analysis will assist you in knowing where you stand currently and accordingly work on improvements.

What are Some of the Key Marketing Campaign KPIs?

Here are some of the key marketing performance indicators or metrics with a brief explanation of each:

Cost per Conversion (CPC): Get to know the cost you incurred per conversion for the entire ad campaign spending.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): This metric tells you the percentage of visitors who clicked on your ad campaign, link, or action buttons.

Reach: With this digital campaign indicator, track the number of unique viewers for a specific period to gauge the awareness level of your brand.

Share of Voice (SOV): This metric lets you know how many customers know about your brand on online platforms in your niche.

Number of Likes: It is the total number of visitors who click the like button on your ads posts.

Growth Rate: This metric points to the direction in which your ad campaigns are moving over a particular time. It could be in terms of the number of growing customers, orders, or anything else you want to track in your social media marketing campaign.

The above metrics are frequently used for tracking and measuring online ad campaigns. However, you must also know what to do with them to improve the performance of such campaigns.

How to Improve Your Marketing Campaign Performance?


Here are some evergreen and most commonly used tips to improve your marketing campaign’s performance effectively:

Tip #1 – Revisit the Campaign Objectives:

You must continuously assess the performance of your online ad campaigns after some time. This assessment must compare the latest performance results with the objectives you had set for the advertisements to achieve.

It would help if you asked the following questions about your digital marketing campaign while revisiting it:

  • What is the goal of the campaign?
  • Are you on target and moving toward your campaign objectives?
  • Which type of customers you’re going to target?
  • Is the ad content appropriate for the target audience?
  • Are you using the proper metrics to measure performance?

As time goes by, customer choices and behaviours change. If you are not aware of what your customers expect now, chances are your online marketing campaign will fail.

That’s why you need to remain updated constantly. You must learn as much as possible about your target audience and what influences them to buy something.

You must rework the ad campaigns with your online marketing team based on the findings. It is not just about the advertisement strategies but also adjusting the objectives for better results.

Tip #2 – Try Different Marketing Platforms:

Assessing the performance of marketing initiatives might reveal that current channels are not giving the results you were expecting.

Don’t fret about it, as there are many platforms you can work with to advertise your products and services. Try launching your ad campaigns on a different advertising formats.

Some of the ways you can advertise are:

  • Sponsored Media Ads
  • Paid Media Ads
  • Owned Media Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Ads

Ensure you create a comprehensive digital media campaign strategy before moving to other channels or platforms. It will help maximize the effect your marketing has on customers from these new platforms.

Further, study your competition and on which channels they are working. It is worthwhile to include a channel in your campaign if it provides substantial value to them.

You can focus your advertising efforts by analyzing competitive channels and bench marking platforms across industries. In addition, this will allow you to identify more channels for attracting more customers and increasing the return on investment of your digital marketing campaign.

Tip #3 – Review & Update Your Ad Content:

This tip for improving your advertisement performance is the most significant of all. After all, it is the content that you display that affects your customer’s decisions.

How you present your brand and what message you convey is through the content.

If you can create marketing campaign content that will last an extended period, you’ll be able to generate leads, clicks, and conversions for many months or even years.

Some of the things you require to do to update your content are:

  • Keywords and phrases placement
  • Compelling calls-to-action lines
  • Improve on loading times of your ads
  • Update the ads with catchy taglines
  • Optimize images

Tip #4 – Conduct A/B Testing for Better Campaign Performance:

Conducting A/B testing for your digital marketing campaign is a great way to fine-tune the performance. With the help of this test, you will find the best-performing version of your ad campaign.

You must do this before spending your entire marketing budget on efforts that don’t work.

A/B testing works by randomly showing two different versions of the same ad, website, pop-up, or offer to visitors.

Let’s say, for example, you show half of your social media marketing campaign visitors a blue CTA button and the other half a red CTA button. After a certain period, you must compare the conversion rates to see which colour the CTA button prompted the visitors to take more action.

Tip #5 – Opt for The Right Tools for Monitoring & Improving Your Ad Campaigns:

All your marketing campaign efforts are a waste if you are not using accurate tools to track, measure, and analyse them.

Weavr provides you with the right tools to evaluate the performance of your ad campaigns to make further improvements. In addition, you can view all your marketing initiatives on an omnichannel dashboard.

It allows you to add and monitor metrics that work best for your online marketing campaign across platforms. Weavr also provides detailed, accurate reports so you can help your teams come up with the best solutions.


The online consumer landscape is constantly and rapidly changing. If you realize that your digital marketing campaign isn’t working, evaluate your current advertising efforts with the help of Weavr and make adjustments to improve its performance.

Use the tips for guidance to re-energies your ad campaigns and start seeing the results you ought to have.

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